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Our Services

We receive your packages in USA

Send your purchases to us and we ship it to you.
You will be provided a USA physical address.
Your street address :
3017 Johnson st # (your account)
Hollywood, FL 33021 USA

All packages, letters and magazines can be stored for free up to 4 weeks and combined into one box to save on shipping cost.
Review our rates

Online control of your packages

Keep the control by our online customer portal.
Log in to your online control panel for easy access to all of your mail anywhere.
You will receive an email notification whenever a new piece of mail arrives, and can log in to
view the sender, date received, and a full-color image of the front of each envelope.
  1. We will receive and register any packages sent to you. Join us.
  2. Shipmymail will notify you of any received packages. You can request a shipment or hold to combine more packages.
  3. Shipmymail will combine all your packages into 1 to save you money.
  4. We will ship your package any where in the world that USPS delivers.

re-packing Service

Our consolidate proccess will let you save more money.
Our job is to Help you save by consolidating your packages.
We will combine your items into a single shipment to reduce costs.

Mail Scanning center

Just order and see it.
You no longer need to wait for mail to be forwarded to view and respond to important documents.
Simply request to have a piece of mail scanned and a PDF file containing an image of the envelope and its contents will be posted to your account within 1 business day.
"You can request a scan and shipmymail will scan the contents for $1.00 per document up to 10 pages (DEPENDING ON FEATURES FOR EACH PLAN)".
All plans include a set number of scans per month, and you can pay on a per-scan basis after that (see pricing details). All scans are performed in beautiful full-color 200 dpi and are optimized for maximum readability.
Mailbox Forwarding's scanning produces high quality images that can be viewed, saved, and printed from wherever you are. Click here to view a sample scan.
All scans take place in a fully secured environment. Your mail will only be out of its envelope long enough to scan it, after which the envelope will be placed back in secure storage. For more details on our efforts to keep your mail secure, visit our privacy and security page.

Multiple Recipients

Add recipients to your account.
This is one great offer we give it to you. You can add multiple recipients through your Shipmymail account, either as individuals or businesses.
This features has no cost for limited Recipients added. See our economic plan for more details.
We receive your packages with a US Address
You will be provided a USA physical address.

My Name
3017 Johnson st # (your account)
Hollywood, FL 33021 USA

Shred and Recycle Your Mail

Let us to recycle your trash mail.
When you request that we destroy a mail item it will be shredded on site before being recycled.
This eliminates the threat of two of the most common forms of identity theft: dumpster diving and mail theft.
Additionally, you may choose to have the original document shredded, but retain the scanned copy in your online control panel for as long as you wish.

Online Fax Service

Receive Faxes Online with a Shared or Dedicated Fax line.
As an additional service to our customers, you can now receive faxes through our online interface and we will email it to you.
All customers can use our shared fax number (1-786-288-0482) to receive faxes.
There is no additional monthly cost - each fax received is scanned and email to you. With a shared fax line, you will have to let the sender know to put your 5-digit box number somewhere on the cover sheet so that the fax is directed to your account.

Personal Shopper

Let us help you to shop online.
Need assistance purchasing online? Need tickets for that sold-out sporting or special event? Are you looking for specialized services in the USA?
Cant find what you are looking for? Have difficulties paying for it? Think you can find it for a better price? The vendor won’t accept a foreign credit card? can help you find any product in the USA for a competitive price. A 10% fee will apply ($10.00 minimum) Do you have a particularly large purchase (over $2,000)? Call for special pricing.
  1. We can help you purchase any item in the USA.
  2. Vendors will not accept foreign credit cards and that’s where we come in.
  3. You can provide us with a link to the item you would like to purchase.
  4. A 10% fee will apply.

PRODUCT fulfillment

Mailing and fulfillment services
Whether you are a large corporation or a single individual running a small business, you have specific mail forwarding needs. Mailing and fulfillment services are straight forward here, with no hidden fees and access to 3 major carriers.
Product sorting, handling, mail forwarding, and packaging are all handled in house and with extra attention to security wherever possible. We will provide you with the tools needed to service your customers, with international orders being shipped to Shipmymail. You will have to make no changes to your website or payment acceptance methods . Our staff will handle all shipments from there, including packaging, customs paperwork, and compliance issues.
  1. Send your product to Shipmymail
  2. Shipmymail will register each item individually.
  3. You sell your product
  4. We will ship that item to your customers
***This Service enables our customers to run their businesses more efficiently.
NO RISK! You ONLY pay for what gets shipped.

New photo Inside

Take a look INSIDE of your package
Now! looking inside of your packages, it is a great item quality feature, allow you to know the content before we ship it to you.

For just per package, we will automatically put a photo showing the content inside of your package.

Get Your Own USA Address - Free registration
You will be owner of a US street for NO monthly fee.

Click here to get your USA street address